Monday, October 15, 2012

Sister Comfort

Lots going on, many, many half written posts, but this I have time for:

At breakfast this morning Lucy was mournfully describing her nightmare, and the reason she crept floss-haired and teary in to our bed at 6am.

Lucy: "It was a lizard and he bited my arm and I hadded to move my arm away from him but he bited me again."
Anna: breakfast spoon poised thoughtfully in front of her mouth "Lucy, what kind of lizard was it?"
Lucy: "The lizard was big and the lizard was green"
Anna: with a knowing nod "that was a monitor lizard Lucy. I can see how that was very scary".
Lucy: "It was"


MsCaroline said...

What would we do without our big sisters and their dream lizard identification skills? Very impressed she's so well informed....

Nimble said...

Natural history knowledge is always useful at the breakfast table.

Anonymous said...

Lu's other mom

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