Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lucy Takes On Grammar And Wins

Thank you for your kind comments. You lot rock. It was a busy Christmas. My Mum and Dad flew out for a month to help look after the girls for the Christmas break, and then at the last minute LK's Mum and friend announced they would be there too, for the exact same month. Whether by accident or design it made for a busy few weeks.

It has seemed very quiet ever since, and that's with Anna rocking Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' at the top of her lungs at every available moment. Lucy on the other hand has decided to master the enigma of reading. She is constantly sounding out words, like 'f-f-fart' and 'c-c-sea otter'. I think it would be easier for the world to just call it a cea otter than challenge Lucy on her phonetic logic, especially as she's trying so d-d-damn hard. She's also in the thick of that lovely little kid phase where if they come across an unknown word, they try to cram a known word in to it to make sense, hence a sea (sorry, cea) anemone becomes a sea enemy, and Kingston's Candy Company becomes 'Kingston's Candy Come-to-me'. Can't argue with that.

Last night she crept in to our room and declared that Anna needed some medicine.

"Does she have a cough?" I asked (knowing full well that Anna's tuberculin death-rattle was keeping Lucy awake in their shared room).

"No Momma, she doesn't have a cough" replied Lucy "she has lots of them".

Take that English language.


Aspiring Kennedy said...

She is a funny one! I like Lucy's grammar logic better. Why did they have to make English grammar so complicated?

Anonymous said...

This may seem a little random, but I was looking back at the York blog post of Lucy's birth ( in order to recall how old she is) and was reading about the whole two vessel phenomenon. My youngest now 22 months old was also a two vessel baby. It bought him a couple extra ultrasounds as well as a fetal echocardiogram. But like Lucy, perfectly healthy and not even a little growth restricted- he arrived a week early at a whopping 9 lbs 6 oz!!!
And no maternal hyperglycemia- I did not have GD- and I followed a low carb diet on account of him easy measuring so large in the last trimester :)
Apparently, that third vessel is just a luxury item! ;)

I'm so glad to have you back at the breakfast table!


AliBlahBlah said...

Thanks Shairstin - I often think of that 2 vessel scare when looking at my GIANT just-turned-4 yr old wearing her size 5 clothing. Maybe it's a predictor you'll have a GIANT baby!!

AliBlahBlah said...

Aspiring Kennedy - thanks for visiting! Loved your story of your husband's perspective on labour pains. Hilarious.

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